How to turn craps game in your favor?

How to turn craps game in your favor?

How to turn craps game in your favor?

Craps is one of the most preferred casino games. It can also be enjoyed in any online casino. The game is played using a pair of dice for placing bets. Just like any other casino games, you have to implement your strategy to make your best win.

  • It is more important to control your dice movement, so a little bit of practice would prove helpful.
  • Always ensure you avoid placing a bigger bet in the same gameplay.
  • Your original bets at the table should be minimum so you can cover your losses.

Keep an eye on the house edge

One of the most difficult parts is to overcome the house edge. In general, this process is irreversible and the house will often make a win. You need to keep in mind that lay odds and free bets in the game of craps will never be in your favor.

So it is advisable to stop chasing free bets and lay-offs in any gameplay.

Dice control

Before you start placing the bets, it is advisable to practice a bit on dice control. If you can manage to control the dice throw in the game, then you have already won half of your bets back. When playing craps, it is better to avoid throwing a combination of number 7.

This is one of the best ways to increase the odds in your favor in the gameplay. This requires some level of your physical skills and practice.

Control bets

Another great way to help improve the game odds in your favor is to try and control your bets. This is one strategy that proves a lot more helpful in the online casino. If you are playing with a big amount of money, then try to place smaller bets in each gameplay.

Split bets wisely

Placing wise bets can be your key to success in the game of craps. Often new players make a mistake when placing their bets. They try and place everything on the same number. You have to be more calculative with your bets.

Focus on wins and losses

It is never advisable to focus only on wins. Your losses can also amount to a very big number. It is advisable to calculate your wins and loses at the same time. When placing your bets, try and split the amount, into two or more smaller bets.

Craps is a casino game and there may be several factors that can change the odds n your favor. You just have to play smart.


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